Spirit / Elite S4868P outdoor wood burning furnace

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The plans for the Spirit / Elite Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace will sell for just $67 ...with video tutorials!

This furnace burns extremely clean, considering its versatility, and is designed to last a lifetime.


I designed this furnace with everything I would want myself in an outdoor furnace.  I wanted versatility in what I could use as fuel, simplicity in design and the ability to repair it easily, if the need ever arises.


I did not want a furnace that would need replaced in 10 or 15 years. It’s too expensive to do at that interval of time and it cuts deeply into the savings I was after.


On launch day only, you’ll be able to get the Plans for $37  FREE!


Lots more on the Spirit / Elite Heat outdoor wood furnace will be coming soon!  Check back as we keep adding.

Click Here to get the Spirit outdoor wood furnace plans